It is believed that the average cost of solar energy works out to between ten and twelve dollars per watt of electricity consumed and this cost can in fact be lowered further by participating in incentives offered by the state. As far as average cost of solar energy vis-‡-vis the solar system is concerned the cost of installing such a system would be another twenty thousand dollars though it is entirely up to you how much you wish to spend to obtain your electricity from a solar energy system.

Portable Solar Energy Systems

However, if your objective is to only power up your computer as well as a number of tiny items then the average cost of solar energy could work out to be considerably lower since you would only be paying between seven hundred and one thousand dollars for a portable solar system. In fact, with such a low average cost of solar energy, you should consider buying portable solar systems to power up an RV, boat or even use it when camping.

Besides considering the average cost of solar energy, you can also save on water bills and also take heart from the fact that such a system pays it back in just three years or even sooner. In fact, when you are building a home for you it would pay to factor in the average cost of solar energy and include in the design of the new home a passive solar design and ensure that you have place to keep a solar energy system facing the south.

Another heartening feature to using solar energy is that the average cost of solar energy has started to come down to the tune of about four percent each year and this has been going on for the past fifteen years, and as new efficiencies are incorporated and economies of large scale manufacturing are realized, there is every reason to hope that the average cost of solar energy will come down even further.

Some figures even put the average cost of solar energy for residential homes at between eight and ten dollars per watt and by availing of government incentives the average cost of solar energy can come down to as little as between three to four dollars per watt, which works out to roughly ten to twelve cents per kilowatt hour, though without incentives this figure could double.

Thus, having ascertained the true cost of installing solar energy, you will certainly find that solar energy works out to be a more viable alternative to using conventionally produced energy. It is thus a good idea to install solar energy in order to achieve independence from power obtained via the grid and at the same time ensue getting clean and efficient energy for your home.