Solar roof tiles serve virtually the same purpose as solar panels. They represent the latest in solar technology. The idea is to create a connection between solar tiles, situated on your roof and a solar battery located on the side of the house. Solar tiles work by turning sunlight into electricity, just like other energy producing products. The following is more information on solar roofing tiles and the myths many mistakenly believe about them:

Myth: Solar Roofing Tiles Look Gaudy

Reality: Solar tiles are actually made to look much like traditional shingles in size and shape. Of course, they will appear shinier than polymer tiles, but the roof will have a uniform design, not possible when you opt for panels. In addition, you won’t have to deal with the bulky look of solar panels or worry about bulking wiring or frames sitting on your roof.

Myth: Solar Roofing Tiles Must Take Up The Whole Roof to Work

Reality: Solar roof tiles are actually designed to work in conjunction with non-solar tiles. Most homeowners will opt for some solar tiles mixed with some non-solar tiles to create their overall roof design. Of course, the more solar tiles that are present, the more energy you produce, so you will have to incorporate a good deal of solar tiles to produce the same amount of energy as large solar panels.

Myth: Solar Roofing Tiles Fit Over Traditional Roof

Reality: Unlike solar panels, solar tiles, or shingles, replace traditional roofing materials. In other words, they take the place of traditional shingles that don’t produce any power.

Myth: Solar Roofing Tiles Are More Expensive Than Traditional Roof Options

Reality: Yes, to be honest, it is more costly to roof your home using solar roofing tiles than roofing with traditional materials. However, you have to consider the savings solar roof will yield and take that into consideration when you contemplate the overall cost. (more on this below)

Myth: Solar Roofing Requires a Great Deal of Expensive Maintenance

Reality: Once installed, solar energy products like solar roofing tiles require very little maintenance. In actuality, the only time you will be forced to “fix” or “repair” a solar tile is if it is damaged in a storm or something within the system malfunctions. Aside from these situations, your solar tiles will not require any attention once installed.

Myth: Solar Tiles Are Way Too Expensive

Reality: There are many incentives available to you as a homeowner who wants to upgrade your current roof to one utilizing solar tiles. These include federal tax credits as well as state-based incentives. The federal government is currently offering homeowners 30% off their annual taxes when they purchase a solar roof system. In addition, your home’s value will increase with the installation of a solar power system, and the savings you will garner from the energy production means that the cost of purchasing solar tiles is somewhat offset. This can’t be said for traditional roofing products.

Myth: You Can’t Find Financing For Solar Tile Installation And Purchase

Reality: There are many companies that will finance a solar roofing system.  

Myth: Your Home Can’t Withstand The Installation of Solar Technology

Reality: If your home was built within the last 30 years, it can likely easily support the installation of solar tiles. In fact, solar shingles usually weigh less than solar panels.

Hopefully, the information outlined above that debunked some myths about solar tiles is helpful to you in choosing your ideal type of solar energy system.